Liberty and Allegiance Charter

Inside L & A

Liberty and Allegiance is an Alliance raiding guild on the US Proudmoore realm. While we are not looking to be a mega guild by any means, we are home to multiple raid teams. Our founding teams, Knight and Justicar started before the inception of the guild and eventually formed Liberty and Allegiance together in Legion while X team and Merciless started in BFA.

Housing multiple teams has several benefits. With a single team, sure everyone is online at the designated raid times for the week, but outside of that, having a lot of people on and active can be hit or miss, with multiple teams we often have 25+ people online nightly so there is almost always someone to do something with.

With multiple teams, we have a very diverse group of people who call Liberty and Allegiance home. People from all walks of life are welcome here, as well as a wide variety of play styles. It's unlikely you'll find yourself without a few people you have things in common with here.

While we are welcoming and friendly, our teams do take raiding serious and have expectations that we demand be met in order to maintain a raid spot. Please make sure you are willing to put forth the dedication it takes to raid with the team you are interested in, as if you aren't, you're simply going to waste everyone's time.

Both raiding and the people we raid with are equally important to us.

What we expect of you:

For all teams, we expect no less than 90% attendance regularly, with you striving for 100%. We understand life happens, but we also need people to be reliable for raid.

For our mythic teams you are expected to always use consumables. This means not just cauldrons or things provided by the guild, but health pots, battle potions (pre pot and second pot) the highest quality food buffs (what ever is best for you) as well as the highest quality gems and enchants for your spec.

You are expected to research fights before we begin progressing on them. While you may need to see a fight to get a full grasp of it, you shouldn't be completely ignorant to the fact that azshara has multiple soak mechanics or that behemoth is under water... or you get the point. Do some research so that you can speed up the learning process in game.

Represent the guild well. Everything you say and do can reflect on us. Act appropriately. Treat others with respect. In and out of guild. Douchebaggery won't be tolerated.

What to expect of us:

Stability. Guilds come and go pretty frequently in wow. We've been around for a few expansions now, with the seeds of this guild being planted back in the end of MoP and growing into what we are now. We're not going anywhere for the forseeable future.

Active guild

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